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Jerry Eisen, Medical Writer

By 1999, and after more than
25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Jerry Eisen was ready for a change that would provide new challenges. Data interpretation and presentation had always fascinated Jerry so he decided that it was time to satisfy a long-time desire to work independently and return to his scientific roots. His new career choice was freelance medical writing, which satisfied both of these needs and presented a continuous stream of opportunities that allowed Jerry to work across a wide range of therapeutic areas.  Nine years later, and having worked for clients that include Pfizer, Inc, Genzyme Corporation, Biogen Idec, and many other notable firms, Jerry continues to anticipate each and every new medical writing project.

Medical Writing From The Clinical Consulting Perspective

With an increasing demand for getting new drugs, devices, and biologics to the market as quickly as possible, the ability to efficiently write documents that can be read and understood quickly and easily has become an ever higher priority. Medical writing from the clinical consulting perspective makes EMW the value-added choice for the discriminating client.

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Think of Eisen Medical Writing for clinical study reports, clinical protocols, serious adverse event narratives (SAEs), investigator brochures, journal publications, regulatory documents or any medical writing project or challenge you may have.

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